Volunteers make a huge difference to the success of any not for profit organisation.

New volunteers are welcome to get involved in whatever capacity they choose.  From just walking a beach in the morning and reporting any findings to full scale night patrols, volunteers are the backbone of any community organisation.  Many services could not operate without them but they are still volunteers with a life to lead and expectations should be left to the capacity of the volunteer themselves.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact us on 13 13 04 or complete the form below.

There are many ways you can help Mackay & District Turtle Watch to care for our endangered turtle populations but you should be aware that some aspects of handling turtles can only be carried out by trained and authorised persons. Mackay & District Turtle Watch have a paid permit to handle hatchlings, for example, and have attended regular training to ensure that this is done in the proper way. MDTWA follow strict guidelines when handling turtle rescue, release, nesting and hatching activities, to name a few.

Ways you can help

Monitoring is a great way to assist the MDTWA to help a turtle in need and it can be done while you’re taking your daily walk along the beach. The best thing you can do for an injured or nesting turtle is to report it immediately to the team at MDTWA who will then be able to carry out the necessary checks to ensure that the turtle is healthy, safe and secure.

Other areas the MDTWA can use your help include Administration, Education Days, General Support and much more.

For more information about ways you can assist, please contact Fay on 07 4954 9613 to chat about where the most help is needed.

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