Major Threats to Sea Turtle Survival

Threats to survival include the following examples

  • The destruction of nesting habitat by clearing natural vegetation through beach development
  • Uncontrolled vehicle access destroying dune profiles and vegetation
  • Uncontrolled beach lighting (see Effects of Lighting)
  • Ingestion of synthetic materials (nets, fishing line)
  • Boat strike
  • Predation of eggs or adults by illegal poaching
  • Predation of eggs or hatchlings by domestic and feral animals
  • The increase in the incidence of disease and cancerous tumours
  • Incidental capture in shark control programs


Major threats to sea turtles are cause from the effects of:

  • Coastal development pressures including growing recreational use of beach areas
  • The illegal harvesting of adult turtles and eggs
  • The predation of eggs and hatchlings by domestic and feral animals
  • Incidental mortality from commercial and recreational fisheries practices
  • A rise in the incidence of diseases
  • The increase of the greenhouse effects (sea level rise)


How can you help?

  • Assume all beaches are nesting beaches
  • Never throw plastic bags, fishing lines or other rubbish on the beach, in any waterways or into the sea
  • Refuse to buy sea turtle products
  • When boating, watch out for turtles
  • Protect nesting beaches
  • Keep vehicles off nesting beaches
  • Do not light fires on nesting beaches
  • Leave nesting sites undisturbed
  • Keep all lighting to a minimum in beach areas
  • Keep dogs on a leash on the beach
  • Report dead, sick and injured sea turtles to the marine stranding hotline
  • Report the place and date of sea turtle sightings to the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
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