About Mackay Region

cropped-mdtwa-banner-1.jpgThe city of Mackay is blessed by being situated at the southern end of the world famous Whitsunday Islands.  In fact, the city of Mackay is situated in the centre of two major island groups with over 100 continental islands in the two groups.

The first group is the Cumberland Group and includes the Whitsunday’s, stretching 80 nautical miles to the north.

The second group is the lesser known Northumberland Group stretching nearly 80 nautical miles to the south.

Nearly all these islands enjoy National Park status and include pristine beaches and bays with fringing coral reefs.

The city of Mackay is situated on the tropical East Coast of Australia.  Mackay sits on lat 21 degrees south, which is approximately in the middle of the eastern state of Queensland.

The city is also within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park lagoon.  The population of the district exceeds 100,000 people.

The Mackay district also has some of the best mainland beaches to be found along the coast of Queensland.  There are approximately 30 fine beaches between the towns of Sarina in the south and Seaforth in the north.

This is an area approximately 40 miles in length and equates to nearly one beach for every mile of coastline.

Most of the beach areas are developed for residential and tourism use, with development continuing to expand as the area becomes more popular and grows.

The development and growth pose concerns for the Mackay & District Turtle Watch Group regarding the long term survival of nesting sea turtles in the area.

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